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ProFlex by Intellistage is a modular, height adjustable, telescoping leg staging system constructed of strong, yet light weight aluminum platforms and telescoping legs. 

ProFlex’s strong, stable construction makes perfect for handling dynamic loads. Pro-Flex Stage panels are available in 2 surface finishes: Natural Wood and Industrial

Stage panels easily connect to form the size of stage you need. ProFlex stage panels are supported by our unique interchangeable, height-adjustable, telescopic legs which make it possible to smoothly and precisely adjust the stage height to several different height ranges (from 40cm to 200cm).

Proflex Staging

  • Crafted in Europe with attention to detail, Pro-Flex staging is manufactured to the highest quality specifications and is proud to have earned the International TUV certificate of quality which ensures maximum quality and safety.

    Our complete stage kits include platforms, risers, and all the necessary hardware for putting your stage together.
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