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Staging 101 Mobile, Folding Choral Risers are constructed of high quality plywood and steel and feature a 10 year warranty. These choral risers roll easily from place to place and can be set-up by one person. When you’re done they fold up compactly and can be rolled away for easy storage.


Multiple risers sections can easily connect to form the configuration you need. Choral risers are 6’ x 18” (1.8m x .45m). What makes Staging 101 risers unique is that straight and wedged sections can be combined together easily to form different configurations (many competitor’s risers do not have this option). 4 tier straight choral risers consist of 3 connected riser panels in 8”, 16”, 24 and a separate 32” riser panel that is easily attached to the connected 3 tier riser unit.


They are available in a Carpet or Industrial finish and come standard with a rear guardrail . You can purchase side guardrails as an addition.

Mobile Folding Choir Risers

  • These stages come with a standard 10 year limited life warranty and is weight rated at 750 KG / SQM.

    ** Simply fold and roll!

    ** Choice of 40cm, 60cm or 80cm heights
    ** Choice of Industrial or Carpet finishes
    ** Easily moved and set up by one person
    ** Optional Stage Steps and Skirts
    ** 10 Year Warranty
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