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Multi-tiered straight & angled riser systems for standing & seated performers.

What makes Staging 101 risers unique is that straight and wedged sections can be combined together easily to form different configurations (many competitor's risers do not have this option).

Staging 101 Choral risers are constructed high quality plywood and steel and feature a 10 year warranty.

Choir Risers

  • Seamless Surface: Staging 101's platform surface has a seamless, smooth, no-trip design with performers in mind, unlike other brands that utilize a metal perimeter that can be a tripping hazard.

    Continuous Tubular Frame Construction: Staging 101 panels feature a strong continuous tubular frame construction that produces a seamless support structure. Other brands use a weaker C-channel stamped frame that includes multiple breaks and seams that can weaken the support structure.
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